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Treasure Jewels

"Precious" Jeweled Headband

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"Precious" might be too dainty of a moniker for this gorgeous headband, which packs some serious glamour. She's just the accessory you need for your bridal brunch, Easter dress, or girls night out. We've even paired her with jeans and a white button-down for a high-low look!

Treasure Jewels is a female-owned business founded by Tatiana Guajardo and is based out of San Antonio, Texas—and it's the brand behind the jewelry, headbands, and accessories you see at some of the most popular boutiques across the country. Their gorgeous products are made in Tatiana's home country of Colombia, where they are crafted by a local group of Colombian women, many of who are single mothers seeking to support their families. By employing these talented artisans, Treasure Jewels is helping to preserve a variety of traditional art-forms passed down through several generations, while also creating an economic impact for this community of artisans.