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Carrie Underwood Storyteller Review on TheDadgumDebutante.com

It’s hard not to love a Friday.

It’s even harder not to love a payday-Friday with perfect October weather.

It’s impossible not to love an October payday-Friday that drops a new Carrie Underwood album in your lap.

I’ve been dying for Storyteller to debut—I figured if her lead-off single, “Smoke Break” was any indication, it was gonna be good album. “Smoke Break”, however, is probably the most typical Carrie-style song on the whole record. On a whole, Storyteller has more edge, more personality, more punch and a deeper glimpse into the diary of Carrie Underwood than any single album she’s put out to date.

Notoriously private, Carrie threw back the curtains on the song written about her husband and baby boy (“What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”) and “The Girl I Am”, a father-daughter song that will probably take over wedding reception dance floors in 2016. One of the bonus tracks on the exclusive Target album is titled “Little Girl Don’t Grow Up Too Fast”, a song about cherishing the time in life when a girl’s only priorities are playing dress up, or getting a date to the prom and being pretty. It’s a sweetly-written peek into the occasional yearning most young moms and wives feel for simpler moments.

Noticeably absent is another Underwood staple: she did not end up cutting any tracks about faith, stating that they just didn’t end up in the mix.

My three favorite tracks are below (two of which were produced by Jay Joyce, better known for his work with country-rock artists like Eric Church).

Church Bells

She didn’t completely reinvent the wheel with this record: it’s not a Carrie Underwood album if someone doesn’t get killed off in the process (just between us girl, in this album she kills off two). This song is about a beautiful woman marrying into money, only to find herself on the receiving end of her rich husband’s whiskey-rage. Go ahead and belt along with her; we know you want to.

Favorite Lyric:

She caught the eye of an oil man dancing one summer night in a dime store dress

She had the looks, he had the mansion…and you can figure out the rest 

It was all roses, drippin’ in diamonds, sippin’ on champagne

She was all uptown, wearin’ that white gown, takin’ his last name

She could hear those church bells ringin’, ringin’


Dirty Laundry

A catchy, pun-y take on airing someone’s dirty laundry: a women finds her man’s rumpled, lipstick-stained clothes in the corner of the bedroom, and decides to take him to task by letting the whole neighborhood see what’s up.

Favorite Lyric:

That lipstick on your collar well it ain’t my shade of pink.

And I can tell by the smell of that perfume it’s like $40 dollars too cheap

And there’s a little wine stain on the pocket of your white cotton thread

And you drink beer and whiskey, boy, and you know I don’t drink red…

I’m gonna have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry

Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line

Leave ’em blowing in the wind to say goodbye to you

All those midnight sneakin’ in, “I’m late again, oh I’m so sorry”

All the Ajax in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry. 



If you’ve ever let go of a man so that he could pursue someone else, you’ve lived this song—and will probably appreciate the power, strength and confidence that comes in this retelling. No one is wallowing here.

Favorite Lyric:

Yeah, boy, you’re nothing but a chaser

You’re lookin’ at me, and thinkin’ of her, and it cuts me like a razor

You ain’t doin’ me any kind of favors

Stickin’ around this one-horse town tonight

You can follow her tracks, you can try to win her back

Put the miles on your tires ’till you run out of gas

I’m done lettin’ you be my heartbreaker

So go ahead and chase her.

What do you think? Do you love the album? Happy @NewMusicFriday!

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