Grilled Lemon Drop Cocktails

  Happy Fri-YAY! What are you up to this weekend? Pool time? Beach time? Grill time? It’s officially summer now, so hopefully all three. Whatever you’re doing, the subtitle missing from your weekend itinerary is most definitely: “Doing ___, while sipping a sweet,

Sunday Supper: Roasted Honey-Balsamic Brussels Sprouts with Garlic, Apples and Bacon

Well, hello friends. Can you believe we’re basically halfway through the month of September? Can someone please explain to me when the heck that happened? My local grocery story is amped up for fall. There’s a full display of pumpkin

Sunday Supper: The Masters and a “Green Jacket” Pesto Chicken Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette & Baked Brie

Ahh, Sunday. I knew it was going to be a particularly swamped work week, so I blocked off the entire day in my calendar for three things only: late morning service at church, eating something delicious, and watching The Masters.

Sunday Supper: Slow Cooker Chicken Chili Verde

I loved Sunday lunch in my house growing up. It was like a game, trying to entice my mother into entertaining: “Mom, can we have the Richardsons over for lunch? Or maybe the Welkers and the Holmes? Or if you

Sunday Supper: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe with Horseradish Mustard Sauce

Happy Sunday, friends! Just throwing out a quick post with what I’m watching, reading, eating and drinking this Sunday. First up: the Dallas Cowboys are taking on the Super Bowl-defending champion Seattle Seahawks. My Cowboys are 4-1, and I’m trying

Sunday Supper: Bananas Foster with Fried Peanut Butter Croissants

I just returned from a long weekend in Tallahassee to watch my alma mater, the #1-ranked Florida State Seminoles, take on the #22 Clemson Tigers. If you follow college football, you know it was a slightly stressful weekend for Nole

Sunday Supper: Prosciutto, Melon and Brie Pizza, with Mint & Melon Bellinis!

I’ve been dying to make this for a Sunday Supper post. I love italian food, especially prosciutto and melon. And what could be better than throwing this classic combo on warm dough, and creamy, elegant brie cheese? It was so good

Sunday Supper: Cajun Sweet Potato Soup, White Cheddar Rosemary Stuffed Pretzel Bread, & Spiced Orange Coffee

It’s the second day in a row of rain. Wet, gray, napping weather. Last week I made a valiant attempt at behaving myself with that Summer Harvest Salad (although I did dirty it up with this Warm Bacon Vinaigrette), but on

Sunday Supper: Summer Harvest Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette

This is one loaded salad. Healthy quinoa, crunchy asparagus, tangy burst tomatoes, hearty dill potatoes, creamy avocado, sweet corn, and the freshness of cilantro. It’s huge in size and huge on flavor. And yes, the salad dressing tastes like bacon.

Sunday Supper: Creamy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas

I seriously love Mexican food. I love the spiciness; the way the veggies and cilantro and lime taste super fresh when you dump them together in a dish; the unabashed utilization of copious amounts of cheese. Yep, I’m cool with