Dear P.: A Letter To My Niece On Her 5th Birthday

My niece turned the very precocious age of five today. She’s sweet and funny and delightfully overrun with chaotic kinetic energy, as most little girls are. One year ago, on her fourth birthday, I wrote this letter to her and thought

On Broken Hearts and Sharp Lead Pencils

Gods promises, living on faith

It’s been ages since I was a student, but I still distinctly remember taking tests. I remember the linen feel of a scantron sheet in my fingers, the scratch-scratch whisper of pencil against paper. Trace the outer edges of the bubble;

5 Last-Minute V-Day Gifts Every Southern Belle Will Love

last-minute valentine's day gifts

  My Dear Procrastinators: If you’ve been stalling on that Valentine’s Day shopping spree for your sweetie, it’s time for a Hail Mary. No really, it is. In fact, in a survey released yesterday by Hallmark and Wallethub, 53% of women

Coconut Cocktails and Saying Yes to the Best

The Dadgum Debutante, Aruba, One Happy Island

Ten days ago I came home from a vacation that was life-changing. Does that sound dramatic? A little. True for this present moment? Very. Since December, I’ve been riding white-knuckled on a careening carousel—one which I willingly signed up for. More than that:

Legally Blogged: Reese Witherspoon Launches Draper James Lifestyle Brand

Oh hello, Wednesday! Just when I thought Cinco de Mayo was over and there was nothing left to look forward to this week, the most delightful surprise appeared in the middle of my Wednesday. No, Ryan Gosling didn’t appear at

Stars, Stripes and Stained Glass Windows

It’s Veteran’s Day. It’s a day I always celebrate, but it’s the first time I’ve ever felt the holiday, had it consume every part of the day the way Christmas or Thanksgiving does. It reminds me a bit of an

Sunday Supper: Slow Cooker Chicken Chili Verde

I loved Sunday lunch in my house growing up. It was like a game, trying to entice my mother into entertaining: “Mom, can we have the Richardsons over for lunch? Or maybe the Welkers and the Holmes? Or if you

“Want It Wednesday”: T-Swift Circa 1989, Gold Rush PLUS #NationalCatDay

It’s “Want It Wednesday”, and I’ve got a whole handful of lovely things you should check out. Plus a bonus. A really fun, hilarious, lovable bonus. You might want to squeeze it and give it Friskies…just saying. Top Left: I

Sunday Supper: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe with Horseradish Mustard Sauce

Happy Sunday, friends! Just throwing out a quick post with what I’m watching, reading, eating and drinking this Sunday. First up: the Dallas Cowboys are taking on the Super Bowl-defending champion Seattle Seahawks. My Cowboys are 4-1, and I’m trying

Sunday Supper: Bananas Foster with Fried Peanut Butter Croissants

I just returned from a long weekend in Tallahassee to watch my alma mater, the #1-ranked Florida State Seminoles, take on the #22 Clemson Tigers. If you follow college football, you know it was a slightly stressful weekend for Nole