DADGUM [dad guhm]:

(adj.) (adv.) Used chiefly in the Southern U.S.

 Americanism. A expression used to express enthusiasm, surprise, or mild annoyance when the restaurant you’re having supper in only carries unsweet tea. A politely-smirky euphemism for that word we all know we’re not allowed to say.


My name is Brittnee Taylor Newman, and I make my living as a writer and an editor. I love, love stories, and I’m smitten with the process of stringing words together to create magical, almost-tangible pictures that bring those stories to life.  Personally, I like to use my words to put my (sometimes unconventional) experiences into songs, to  emphatically proclaim my love for all things southern, and to fuel my obsession with one of my favorite subjects: college football.


I also love sweet tea.  Politics.  Anything American. Life near the water. Ballparks and baseball hats. Soldiers coming home.  Halloween.  Ballet.   The Great Gatsby and my Bible.  Anything that Dolly Parton has ever touched, sung, or breathed.  Running & triathlons. Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   Gone With the Wind.  Duck Dynasty.  My dad’s “hot tub” sermons, and people at the altar on Easter morning.  Coffee.   Nashville.  Red wine & spicy food. ESPN’s “College Gameday” on Saturday morning. Most of all, I love family dinner—where humiliating stories, organic burgers and the shortest family prayer known to man all co-exist peacefully.

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I attended Florida State University, where I studied politics and wrote for the FSView. In addition to overseeing communications and social media for a publishing company, I’m currently the ACC Columnist at, and write for various print and digital publications around the Southeast.  You can check out all of my latest print and media pieces on the page BTN Published.


Now that you’re here, I hope you’ll stay awhile! Please feel free to contact me at, or tweet me at @DadgumDebutante.