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Dear P

Dear P.: A Letter To My Niece On Her 5th Birthday

My niece turned the very precocious age of five today. She’s sweet and funny and delightfully overrun with chaotic kinetic energy, as most little girls are. One year ago, on her fourth birthday, I wrote this letter to her and thought

Gods promises, living on faith

On Broken Hearts and Sharp Lead Pencils

It’s been ages since I was a student, but I still distinctly remember taking tests. I remember the linen feel of a scantron sheet in my fingers, the scratch-scratch whisper of pencil against paper. Trace the outer edges of the bubble;

last-minute valentine's day gifts

5 Last-Minute V-Day Gifts Every Southern Belle Will Love

  My Dear Procrastinators: If you’ve been stalling on that Valentine’s Day shopping spree for your sweetie, it’s time for a Hail Mary. No really, it is. In fact, in a survey released yesterday by Hallmark and Wallethub, 53% of women

sam ponder2

Family, Football, and Chasing Career Happiness – An Interview With ESPN’s Samantha Ponder

This week I got the chance to join a small panel and interview ESPN’s Samantha Ponder. As the female face of College Gameday, it’s her unique combination of girl-next-door likability and a steely grasp of x’s and o’s that has quickly plucked


Storyteller: Carrie Underwood Gets Out of Her Comfort Zone

It’s hard not to love a Friday. It’s even harder not to love a payday-Friday with perfect October weather. It’s impossible not to love an October payday-Friday that drops a new Carrie Underwood album in your lap. I’ve been dying


Football Friday: Gators, Noles and Tigers, Oh My!

A roundup of my pieces for Football.com this week. Who are your picks to win in Week 5? 5 Things the Florida Gators Will Have to Do to Beat #3 Ole Miss The #3-ranked Ole Miss Rebels and the #35-ranked

Honey Balsamic Brussels-Sprouts with Garlic, Apples, and Bacon Recipe

Sunday Supper: Roasted Honey-Balsamic Brussels Sprouts with Garlic, Apples and Bacon

Well, hello friends. Can you believe we’re basically halfway through the month of September? Can someone please explain to me when the heck that happened? My local grocery story is amped up for fall. There’s a full display of pumpkin

The Dadgum Debutante, Aruba, One Happy Island

Coconut Cocktails and Saying Yes to the Best

Ten days ago I came home from a vacation that was life-changing. Does that sound dramatic? A little. True for this present moment? Very. Since December, I’ve been riding white-knuckled on a careening carousel—one which I willingly signed up for. More than that:


Biting “The Blade”: Why Ashley Monroe is Country’s New Woman to Watch

  You probably already know Ashley Monroe from her duet with Blake Shelton, or her stint in Pistol Annies with Miranda Lambert. The Blade is not her first solo effort, but it’s her first since the Nashville songwriter has picked

3 College Football Teams Who NEED to Win in 2015

Talking College Football: 3 Teams Who NEED to Win in 2015

Had a great time chatting with Mark Rogers about the upcoming college football season. Which fan bases are starting to get antsy for wins? Which coaches could find themselves on the hot seat in 2016 if they don’t make strides